Founded in 2003, we have developed a simple, low environmental impact, cost effective construction method. Using industrial hemp fiber and chips, we create lightweight fiber-reinforced concrete to build strong, energy efficient and beautiful structures. Our Mission is to create Homes for Everyone; high end showpieces, community structures to low cost housing alternatives.

Safety, cost and efficiency is of paramount importance. Hempcrete Natural Building addresses all of these issues in an environmentally friendly way. Our breathable wall system is strong, durable and beautiful.

We are able to build on site within a 100 mile radius, or ship the materials to your location, and provide long distance consulting to guide you through your project. We also offer workshops for builders and do it yourselfers interested in sustainable shelter.


The first thirty minute initial consultation is pro-bono. Please contact us to fill out a questionnaire so we can prepare for your call. Billing is by time, or by project percentage thereafter.

Option 1 – General Contracting

Hempcrete Natural Building is a leader in the natural building sector, having developed our unique Hempcrete material. We have a portfolio which includes private homes, retreats, studios, Tiny Houses, retrofit renovations and garden walls. We provide a functional combination of innovative green and sustainable design, exceptional craftsmanship, and refined quality. We also have a strategic alliance with a company producing a cutting edge alternative energy product which enable us to create highly efficient cost saving solutions.

Hempcrete strives to deliver a sustainable finished product with uncompromising quality. Currently based out of Bowen Island and serving the Lower Mainland, the realm of our quality work and craftsmanship extends to include Vancouver Island and the surrounding municipalities and as far away as Alberta.

Option 2 – Product

Product pricing, ordering and shipping of hempcrete materials – contact for current rates.

We will calculate the amount of hemp fibre, lime and other materials needed for your project based upon your project plans and assist in arranging shipping. The rest is up to you!

Option 3 – Distance Consulting Package

Includes option 1 plus ten hours of distance-consulting:

  • Calculations of materials, time and crew needed to complete hemp pour, design consultation
  • Coordination with engineering team
  • Coordination with architectural team
  • Consulting with your local building department (if needed)
  • SKYPE/video links to help with site organization and devising ways to optimize the hemp part of your building project.

Option 4 – Onsite Hemp Consulting and/or Building Assistance

Have our manager on your job-site for one week of hands-on learning and work. Work with your crew to optimize the production and efficiency of the hempcrete part of the project: Saving you money and time!