Hempcrete Natural Building provides housing for rural communities or employers who are seeking residential solutions and want to reduce their global footprint. Our modular Hempcrete `Bring-It`home is an easy and durable solution, with natural materials, and a fiber-reinforced lightweight concrete, for a live, dynamic and energy efficient sanctuary, free of concerns like pests, water and fire damage.

The Bring-It home is suitable as a full time residence for singles, couple and small families.

The process

Arrange an initial call with one of our team to discuss your needs. If you want to make changes to our basic design, our experienced architecture and engineering team are hempcrete experts, and are here to help.

Once we have settled on the design and you have selected the finishing materials you would like, we can get started on your home.

We will identify a partner in your local region. This must be a fully insured and professional builder. If you have someone you want to work with we will make contact and establish an arrangement with them. We may have recommendations in your area as well. They will prepare your site, assemble the house, pour the exterior walls and also build any additions or changes, and complete the finishing carpentry.

The cost for the basic unit is $150k + delivery and tax. Suggested retail price for the completed unit is $250k. Once your builder has been selected, they will give you an estimate of the assembly and finishing work.