The home is priced to be competitive with other traditionally built modular houses, yet has a longer life expectancy, lower maintenance and energy costs and is harmless to the environment.

We have priced our Cottage at materials/labour cost + below market profit margin. As our production scales up we aim to lower the cost even more, to  to bring maximum value to our customers.

Not included in the price delivery and installation, which will be site and purpose dependent

The Eco Cottage has been designed and engineered to be acceptable to standard building codes in BC. If installed on a foundation it’s like any other home.  In this case most banks will consider a regular home mortgage.

It will be also be CSA approved and acceptable in most jurisdictions on a pad with RV hookups.

When the home arrives on your site, the roof will be re-attached. Then just hook it up to utilities and either septic or grey water field.


HomeOwner’s Guarantee is included.