Professional Builders and Developers

The HNB model provides professional builders the design and modular units enabling them to build homes for clients who to want to reduce their environmental footprint

Working in partnership with us enables builders to profit from the growing trend of modular homes. Our ready-to-assemble basic unit can be shipped anywhere, and our team will oversee the first assembly, and will train and license the builder to become a certified Hempcrete Natural Builder. The customer benefits from a unique energy efficient product, and the builder from a project with predictable timelines and materials, which increases efficiency and profit on the back-end.

For professional builders whose customers want to reduce their carbon footprint affordably, HNB we offer our cottages at wholesale prices partners with your company to deliver hempcrete modular cottages.  The basic structure is sold at wholesale pricing ready to assemble and complete according to your client’s needs.

This technology could bridge the gap for those contractors who are hesitant to try innovative “outside the box” green building approaches.

The basic unit including all materials and a detailed instruction manual are shipped globally to be efficiently erected on site or close to the client’s property to be moved to site by truck or barge.  All installation and finishing is done by local, HNB certified builders, with the support of experts from HNB. The regional builder handles the foundation and the finishing and any on site customization.

The “Bring-It” home is a smart solution; fully engineered to comply with building codes.  Contractors, mortgage providers, and engineers who want to safely approve innovative green building approaches will be pleased to use the turn-key systems in the Bring-It-Home.

HNB is an established company which has pioneered the material in North America and is a leader in the industry with over 2 decades of R&D behind them, and will facilitate smooth approvals with Inspectors, Trades and Engineers

Foundation, and finishing to your customers’ requirements will be handled by a local professional. We also offer access to our architectural and design team for custom builds. The mortgage brokers and building inspectors we are working with are very impressed with the strength and durability of the material, and our engineers and architects are readily able to satisfy any questions)

Profit from the move toward Modularity.

HNB provides extensive materials list, job costing, constructions plans and instruction manual.Our product line repertoire is expanding rapidly.

Expert hempcrete professionals will come to your site and train your team to become certified hempcrete builders.

HNB offers training support and help desk throughout the process

Distributor ships are available. Fully ensured and professional builders only