What is Hempcrete?

  • It is a fibre reinforced lightweight concrete; hemp hurd and fiber, lime, sand, clay, 2% cement.
  • Process: mixed and poured into forms, then plastered with our proprietary natural plaster and finally, coloured with mineral pigments.
  • The bio-composite material stores energy quickly and then releases it in response to a room’s fluctuations in temperatures.
  • The high-efficiency envelope thermal mass hemp walls “breathe” and regulate moisture.
Features Benefits
Hempcrete material, with lime as a primary ingredients  Insect and rat proof
Monolithic….wall system- a solid wall Fireproof


Solid, thick walls reinforced with rebar.  No bricks to shake loose. Earthquake resistant
‘Breathable’ wall absorbs and releases moisture naturally, requiring no rain shield. No ‘leaky codo’ effect of water building up inside the wall and running down the plastic.  Water damage resistant
Solid, thick walls Exceptionally quiet from both interior and exterior noise


Natural StoneHemp plaster creates a waterproof, breathable shell around the house which is low maintenance- the natural pigment never needs re ‘painting
Carbon neutral/negative construction


Confidence that you are making a difference to the environment
no petrochemicals or allergens Reduced/eliminated off- gassing