About Hempcrete Natural Building Ltd.

Founded in 2003, we are the leader in the Hempcrete industry, in North America with licensed BC Residential Builders and New Home Warranties. We are a registered company located in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada.

Our unique material is lightweight fibre-reinforced concrete made from industrial hemp fibre and chips. Our hempcrete houses were the first to be built in North America, and are so durable they will be proudly standing hundreds of years from now. 

We use material that is proven as a cost-effective and sustainable construction method with low environmental impact and that has been used in construction worldwide for thousands of years. We build strong, energy efficient structures by utilizing either our tilt up panel technology or pour-in place. 

HNB’s research has resulted in an extensive portfolio of designs, as well as techniques and processes, our team of expert engineers and architects are available for hempcrete construction consultation.

We believe that all of humanity deserves homes, and should have access to our comfortable, sustainable, hempcrete homes. We believe that all people deserve a home they can be proud of that is comfortable and sustainable for many generations.  

Jayeson Hendyrson

CEO & Co-Founder

Responsible for creating hempcrete building technology in North America. Jayeson is a visionary and loves doing things that nobody thought possible.

Building the first hempcrete functional home in North America in 2002, Jayeson has pushed the envelope in researching, developing and applying hempcrete technology to ever-increasing levels of technology, beauty and sophistication. 

The current vision is to build North America’s first “Carbon Neutral Community” and vertically integrate green technology into a number of different opportunities for families, communities and the planet.

Jayeson’s passion is the driving force behind his motto & life’s work, “everybody needs a home”.