Modular Designs

Model 4.1 Tiny House

1 storey 366 sq.ft.

Model 3.1 NotSo Tiny

1 storey 568 sq. ft.

Model 4.2 Tiny Duplex

1 storey 732 sq.ft.

Model 4.3 Tiny Row House

1 storey 1,098 sq.ft.

  • Here are the prices for the model as pictured. Prices exclude site preparation, delivery, and assembly.
  • The cost of the assembly will vary according to the grade and access of the site, and choice of finishing materials.
Model 4.1 Tiny; 366 sq. ft. 1 storey

Model 3.1 NotSo Tiny 569 sq. ft. 1 storey

Model 4.2 Tiny Duplex 2 bedrooms 732 sq. ft. 1 storey

Model 4.3 Tiny Row (3 units) 1098 sq. ft. 1 storey

These models are samples and can be adapted to suit your needs by our team of experts.

Hempcrete Natural Building is a privately held Canadian company, established in 2003. Our Hempcrete material is a lightweight fiber-reinforced concrete material, comprised of a mixture of the inner woody core and the long fibers of the industrial hemp plant, hydrated lime-based binder and water.

This material is used internationally for construction, as a wall infill system which offers insulation and is a moisture regulator.  The material is a cementitious slurry that is poured into forms (removed when dry) for a monolithic, non-weight-bearing, insulating infill.

This bio-aggregate based composite material forms a predominantly homogenous wall when cast around surrounding structural timbers and rendered off.

Constructed hemp concrete buildings perform well with the composite having a proven ability to buffer moisture and temperature changes.