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Hempcrete Natural Building has the proven track record, the credentials, the commitment and the vision to bring this remarkable solution to the broader market.

With over 20 years of experience on new builds we know that you will need a team of planning experts who are well versed in both mass-wall construction as well as hempcrete details itself, both from a construction and building-permits point of view. Mechanical systems, integration with regular framing and the type of structure, sheer issues, and where to place services in a mass wall layout are just a very few details to plan ahead for. If your planner does not have knowledge of these and other details, then you will be paying for their education, and for the delays or changes at the construction-end of things for those missed details. 

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Your HNB Consulting package will include a job-list made to determine the areas that need to be attended. A working report of the process regarding labour and materials for the job. Investigations can be made into the most efficient shipment methods and specialty equipment needed for the project. And all of those important communications and discussions between the professionals involved in the project and Hempcrete Natural Building Ltd.




  • Permits.
  • Engineering.
  • Architectural and design plans.
  • Materials costing and delivery.
  • Professional costs from engineers, planners, municipal or government fees. 
  • Client’s general contractor. 
  • Architects/drafting/design.
  • Engineers; geo-technical, structural and mechanical- as required.
  • Site contractors, i.e. machinery operators, framing crew, electricians, plumbers etc.
  • All aspects of the project planned clearly as possible.
  • Various levels of project pricing/estimating.
  • Instructions to your (or our) planners/contractors to adapt the plans to a hempcrete-based build.
  • Working with planners, inspectors and engineers as -needed. 
  • Sourcing the cheapest delivery rates and materials.

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It is the purpose of HNB to provide accurate and valuable advice to our clients!  The aim of the consulting is to help plan, streamline the building process and save you money and resources! 
One dollar spent on planning will save ten dollars or more on execution!

We have curated the most frequently asked questions. Please review the questions and answers before contacting us. Our FAQ page will be updated often!


Your Plan

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Email Accounts




*complete a questionnaire

Prior to meeting


30 minutes

budget unkown

question and answer

Next steps to launch your project

where and when to use hempcrete

general questions

verbal consult

no written report

Short and sweet


plus taxes

60-90 minutes

Project budget

$1000 to $20,000

SImple building Plan or comments on prior completed design

verbal consult 

no written report

The fee can be rolled

 into expanded services

Basic Overview on Plans        

rough numbers and cost

for hempcrete materials

mid size project


plus taxes

10 Hours

Project Budget

$20,000 to $150,000

More complex Building Plan or full house with design and enginering already finished

Verbal consult with


written report

tHe fee can be rolled

into expanded services

Basic overview

on plans          

rough numbers and costs

for hempcrete materials

full service

Large Project


*Deposit, plus taxes

as needed

Project Budget

Full Build $150,000+

Full building PLan developed for every stage or pre-exitsing Plans that includes engineering

comprehensive written

hempcrete-only report

Expanding Services


comprehensive overview

on plans

comprehensive costing

given  For hempcrete


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