Hempcrete Features

Our hempcrete breathable wall system is strong, durable and beautiful. The many benefits include;

  • Energy efficient– Thermal mass assists temperature control in both low and high temperatures*
  • Strength and durability
  • Earthquake resistance-rebar reinforced monolithic integral wall system
  • Inherent fire resistance
  • Natural moisture regulation within the home
  • Low maintenance, e.g. the cost of pigments- (in lieu of paint) that should last 50 years. Hose it down instead of painting every few years.
  • Exceptionally quiet from both interior and exterior noise
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Potential for carbon neutral construction
  • Plaster (invented in BC) creates a waterproof, breathable shell around the house
  • Insect and rat resistant (proof!)
  • Low cost of main construction materials
  • Protection from electro-magnetic frequencies, (not yet scientifically tested)
  • No off-gassing of potentially dangerous chemicals


It has been found that Hempcrete total building performance is higher than the perceived static R-value. R values measure thermal resistance, or the ability of a material to resist movement of heat through the structure. The higher the R-value, the more the material resists the movement of heat. The R-value is a static number that does not calculate thermal mass performance which describes how the mass of the building provides “inertia” against temperature fluctuations; the ability of the material to absorb and radiate heat or cool. In the winter, in-floor heating can provide efficient warming of the house and in a hot summer, the mass of floors and walls will keep the house cool.