Original NotSo Tiny Home

Modular Durable Fire Resistant

The NotSo Tiny house can be your ‘Forever’ home. Big enough to live in, small enough to bring it with you if/when you move.  Adaptable to grow with your family’s needs.

Hempcrete is a fiber-reinforced lightweight concrete which is rapidly gaining acceptance in the mainstream construction industry. This exceptional building material excels in its energy efficiency, temperature and humidity management, and offers freedom from concerns like pests, water and fire damage. When installed onto a regular foundation, will meet BC building codes.

Hempcrete Natural Building (HNB) leverages this premium building product in the design of  a series of modular “NotSo Tiny “ Home. This is the first mobile and modular hempcrete home.

The modular house is built to last, with hempcrete formed around a timber frame structure and interior panels.

The NotSo Tiny Home;

  • 2 bedroom, 612 square feet, 14 x 24’, fully self-contained modular, movable cottage.
  • The basic model can be adapted to your requirements. See our portfolio of models to date.
  • Cottage is built into a metal skid-it can be placed over a basement or moved.
  • Timber frame structure, and natural, durable materials throughout.
  • Walls are Hempcrete; a high-performance, energy efficient, living and dynamic material.
  • Solar ready, with low energy appliances. Ready to go off grid.
  • Optional outdoor covered-living space, storage, and we can also link several together for a larger home.
  • Select your colours and materials or go with our recommendations.

Virtual Walk through

Enter through double French doors into a welcoming central area is 1.5 stories, with 2, full -height lofts, one over the bathroom and another over the living room. The two loft areas are open and flexible as bedrooms, office or library space. The stairs are full size, for ease of access.

There is a full bath tub in the “Spa room” and a separate, private toilet room across the hall accommodates either compost toilet and greywater design or regular flush. Second bathroom is easily added upstairs. Washer and Dryer included.

The kitchen is modern, bright and spacious, with a stove, fridge, and rolling island.

The living room is a cozy haven with the tiny wood-burning fireplace and flexible room for the usual comforts. Windows are placed strategically to ensure maximum solar gain, and natural light pours in from all sides.

Recycled materials are used whenever possible, such as for the double French doors in the entry. Downstairs ceilings are 7 foot 8 inches high, so it feels spacious.

Walls are energy efficient Hempcrete to avoid pest water and fire damage.  Walls are plastered throughout with our natural plaster, which comes in a range of beautiful colours.

Heating is easy, and the quality of moisture and temperature is superlative with ‘breathable’ walls of Hempcrete.

Eco Cottage

Eco Cottage floor plan

These homes are currently available on a single purchase basis within a 100 mile radius of BC Lower Mainland.  Cost is $250K+ delivery and installation.

Please contact kim@hempcrete.ca for more information